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Individual Jewellery was started in September 1991 by Peter Lee, whose classical jewellery training and 34 years of experience has led to the business becoming a successful retail store specializing in fine quality coloured Gemstones, Diamonds and Pearls.

Peter’s skill enables him to create high end jewellery pieces as a result of his many years of experience and attention to detail, and is able to interpret and design to suit all individual tastes and styles, from the classic to the contemporary.

The challenge of creating innovative design, something Peter is passionate about, is highlighted by his award winning pieces, and shows the diversity of his skill and expertise. Pearl is a particular favourite, which he believes offers a great deal of versatility.

Individual Jewellery, a boutique style store in beautiful Maling Road, is a comfortable haven to share the experience of creating a special piece of jewellery to be treasured.