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Being a lover of all things sweet, We were always longing for something more than just simple Jam.  Sure it’s good, but never   ‘WOW OMG I need more of that’ ever ran across tongues.  Why waste a good pastry, bread or anything on a sub-par Jam.

​So after many coffees and a lot of thought, we decided…. we can do this.  Bring a great range of all natural Jams and Chutneys to friends and families around Australia.

Ever wondered what a baby sweet little strawberry would taste like if she dipped her toes into a bath of rosewater … well we did too!! So we stuff her into a jar with some….Yummo 🙂

​Yeah see that Banana hanging out with the Tamarind over there …. Yeah we shoved them into a jar too.

​Oh and the Mandarin is bathing with the saffron …yep you’ve got it, in the Jar next to the marriage of Tomato and Passionfruit.