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Since 2011, we’ve brought the community a plethora of products from unique giftware and home decoration to our current load of christmas offerings and the latest in trendy women’s handbags.

Jude Benham, owner, creator and the ever-smiling statue, has manufactured cushions for over ten years. This was the original intention of the shop. Now, all your cushions can be made to order, often one-of-a-kind prints of any size, shape and design you require.

Decorative cushions and for all your needs are custom made on site by us:

  • designed by us and available at our store
  • to your specifications with materials supplied by us
  • with your materials, fabric, tapestry or embroidery

Our staff can work with you to help you choose home decorations items specific to your needs. A personal consultation with Jude can be arranged by appointment.