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Greg Ashmore opened the first ever Travel Associates business in May 1998. As Greg would tell you, “It was a big change moving from the pace of a traditional retail environment. But we owed it to our loyal clients who had a hunger for experiences to create a place where we could slow things down in a lounge-style environment and get to the heart of planning a unique and tailored travel experience”.

The unique building built in 1889 was originally known as Maloney’s Hotel and now goes by the name Canterbury Mansions, with private apartments and professional suites. A landmark in the area, the building is on the corner of historic Maling Road, a unique street that has remained totally intact for over a century with shop signage and traffic being the only real changes.

As a Canterbury local, Greg has worked with local businesses and schools for years, with clientele now second and third generation locals. The Ashmore & James Travel Associates team proudly support local school fairs with fundraising and also use local cafes and restaurants for client events.

Ashmore & James Travel Associates is based in Canterbury, Melbourne. Personal travel consultation is available by appointment from Monday to Friday, 9am to 5pm.