Maling Road Canterbury Iconic Shopping Village
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About Us

Maling Road Canterbury Iconic Shopping Village.

Welcome to Maling Road. This charming shopping village has always held a special ambiance where long established, traditional shops mingle with the contemporary.

Stroll through enticing walkways and get immediately caught up in the eclectic atmosphere.

Discover eateries that encourage you to take your time and enjoy the experience. Always the premier tourist attraction, Maling Road is located only 12km from Melbourne CBD.

Stylish street shopping at its best, Maling Road has also been named in the top five shopping destinations for Victoria.

A sought after location by film crews for local and international films, Maling Road comprises of approximately 70 retail and service businesses.

Browse a shopping village that still upholds a sense of care and standard and experience traders offering a traditional combination of personalised service, quality and presentation.

Uncover stores that supply the unique and the everyday and be greeted by business owners who understand you are a customer, not a consumer.

Maling Road is a colourful, contemporary village offering a selection of quality homeware, gifts, beauty, fashion, cafes, fresh food and eateries that create the unique Maling Road personality.